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Turn it OFF

A pro-bono campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects of TV and video games on children.


Data suggests that exposing our children to excessive screen time can have lasting consequences. Too much time spent watching TV and playing video games can have a negative impact on children’s classroom performance, social skills, and long-term health. In a world with more devices than ever, it is up to parents to keep their children out of harm’s way.

Turn it OFF is a pro-bono campaign with the goal of raising awareness about the negative effects of TV and video games on children, so that parents can take the necessary action to protect their children.

Turn it OFF - Live Outside the Box.

Building the Brand

We wanted the name and logo to be straightforward. Turn it OFF is not only the name of our brand, it’s the action that we’re calling on parents to take. LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX is our campaign slogan — challenging young people to enjoy life outside of their devices.

Inspiring Action

We designed a powerful set of advertisements, illustrating the harmful effects that TV and video games can have on children. Each advertisement includes a call to action — for parents to Turn it OFF.

Turn it OFF Ad Campaign
Turn it OFF Ad Campaign
Turn it OFF Ad Campaign
Turn it OFF T-Shirt Designs

Promoting the Cause

We came up with promotional t-shirt designs, encouraging young people to live, shine, and grow “outside the box”. These graphics were also used on a set of promotional posters.

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